The Living Art Museum presents Nothing Really Matters (Except Me), a solo exhibition by artist Simon Buckley in Núllið.

Preview 25th September at 5pm at Bankastræti 0, 101 Reykjavík.

Simon 1: If you’re getting mixed messages, it’s because I have mixed emotions. You seem like appropriation and plagiary are the same for you… and I don’t just mean conceptually, but also emotionally! You are stealing other people’s pain and subsuming it into your own until you can’t decipher whose is whose any longer.

Simon 2: It is myself. It is myself that I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind. Look at yourself, as I did this for you.

For the exhibition in Núllið, Buckley has rendered a series of pen and ink drawings directly onto the space’s walls. The Images show a medieval torturer attempting to extract a confession from his victim. Sprawled around the two protagonists are schizophrenic dialogues between ‘Simon 1’ and ‘Simon 2’.

Throughout their meta-physical and meta-fictional exchanges they strive to find purpose for their/his being, and the necessity and worth of their/the work’s existence. The dialogues are never explicit. They could be both an internal debate of the artist as he considers the implications of producing artwork for other his audience; but he could also just be talking to you (after all, he did do this for you)

Simon Buckley (b. UK 1984) completed an MFA at The Glasgow School of Art in 2013 and an MA in Analytic Philosophy in 2010 at Bristol University. Recent shows include ‘All You Need’, Riverside Space, Bern, ‘Village of Hope Trees’, Part 1, Koln and ‘Paul Scholes (A Design For Life), The Tip, Frankfurt am Main. ‘Words Don’t Come Easy’, Harbinger gallery, Reykjavík. Forthcoming projects include ‘As You Were, As We Are’, Spreeze, Munich.

The exhibition is located in the museum’s new project space in Núllið, Bankastræti 0, 101 Reykjavík.

Opening hours Tue – Sun from 2 – 6 pm and by an appointment