Camilla Cerioni, Camilla Sæberg, Galadriel González Romero, Jette Dalsgaard, Julie Sjöfn Gasiglia, Martina Priehodová, Nele Karlotta Berger, Sunneva Ása Weisshappel

Tracing Roots - Thin Filaments and Porous Forms: MA Fine Art Degree exhibition 2024

An art academy is a place where different currents of thought meet, intertwine and disperse, where stability and certainty are challenged and dissolved. A forum for exchange of views and critical dialogue. Graduation exhibitions are therefore an important harvest festival of the spirit and often a sort of pulse measurement of the present.

Tracing Roots - Thin Filaments and Porous Forms is a graduation exhibition of MFA students of the Department of Visual Art from The Iceland University of the Arts, hosted for the fourth time at The Living Art Museum-Nýló. Eight artists present their graduation projects, which mark the end of a two-year course that includes extensive research, the processing of intense introspection and the deepening of their artistic practice. Most of the works in the exhibition have their origins in the works shown by the artists in their solo exhibitions at The Iceland University of the Arts' exhibition spaces during their final year and give a good insight into their practice.


Birta Guðjónsdóttir