Anna Hrund Másdóttir

desire paths

The invitation to exhibit came at the perfect time. I was on my way to the studio, nearly at the point of packing up and taking a break from art, or at least changing my relationship to it. But then I got a phone call with the invitation from The Living Art Museum (Nýlistasafnið). I had a year and a half to prepare the exhibition. At the time I was quite busy taking care of my home and family, with three young children – two in school, waiting for a preschool place for the third – and teaching as well. The idea for the exhibition simmered for a long time, but there at the beginning I felt quite stuck, confined by work and home life, bombarded with stimuli. I used daydreams to get through that period. I daydream a lot and that state can take me to different places – it can be a landscape, a feeling, a texture, a color, or something mysterious and vague. I let my mind wander, go on a deep journey while I take care of housework and just daily life. But those daydreams back in 2022 became the trigger for the exhibition: I wanted to convey this state of being and to materialize daydreams.


Anna Hrund Másdóttir studied art at the Iceland Academy of the Arts, Mountain School of Art and completed her MFA program from the California Institute of the Arts in the spring of 2016. Anna has been actively involved in the art scene in Iceland, participated in various projects and exhibited in different venues, such as Reykjavík Art Museum, Gerðarsafn, Harbinger and Gallery Port. In addition to working as an artist, she is a member of Kling & Bang.