Upcoming 22.Apr.2017 – 2.Sep.2017

READ THROUGH artworks in bookform from the collection of the Living Art Museum

artworks in bookform from the collection of the Living Art Museum
22.04. – 02.09.2017
Völvufell 13 – 21, Breiðholt
Open by an appointment

Artworks in bookform are a contradictory phenomena: books as works of art, art as literature. Artists´ books request another way of reading, not only through the text but through the visual, tactile and conceptual senses; the formal and non-formal aspects of the book.

The exhibition READ THROUGH presents artworks in bookform from the collection of The Living Art Museum, where 800 titles can be found, making it the largest artists’ book collection in Iceland. The exhibition takes the form of a reading room where guests have the chance to study works from the collection by Icelandic and foreign artists from the 60’s to the present day. It is also a research space for the curator, and where his private library on artists’ books and bibliographia will be accessible during the course of the exhibition.

The “library” is a disordered collection of “other” books, but at the same time a unique collection of artworks, that have accumulated during the last 40 years. Thus, the library requests another way of being read, like artists’ books themselves, if one wants to make sense of its content. During the exhibition the book collection will be thematically read through three times, in turn changing the titles on display in the reading room.

HORIZON will be the first theme in the curator’s first read-through of the library of The Living Art Museum.

The objective of the exhibition is to bring forward works from the collection that have seldom or never been on display, thereby pointing towards the function of the book as a medium for contemporary artistic practice.

The form of the exhibition that combines the space of the collection, the library and the gallery, also considers the presentation and mediation of artworks in bookform: books that are to be looked at, art that is to be read.

In conjunction with the exhibition, guests are invited to listen to artists read from their work as well as take part in discussions with artists and writers on the bookform in relation to visual art. The events are scheduled to take place every first Saturday of the month during the exhibition period and will be announced shortly.

The exhibition is supported by The Museum Fund and Art Fund.

Curated by Heiðar Kári Rannversson.


Upcoming 24.Jun.2017 – 30.Jul.2017


A smoking lounge by Arnar Ásgeirsson

24.06. – 30.07.2017

The Living Art Museum
The Marshall House
Grandagarður 20

Open Tues. – Sun. 12:00 – 18:00 (21:00 on Thursdays).

Let´s come together, let´s enjoy.
Let´s inhale, deep into our lungs.
Exhale into space, and then take a moment to contemplate.

We welcome you to Happy People – A smoking lounge offering a selection of objects and artwork that have been selected and created for you to interact with.

Mysterious sculptures have been inserted in to funky pipes for you to smoke, consume and inhale fruity flavours. This smoking experience is an attempt for new ways to experience art.

During the exhibition, objects by participating artists will be picked out of the space, and inserted into pipes to be smoked, creating a flowing rotation. Each smoking ceremony will be supported by live acts and performances.

For the opening we offer the smoking of the work by Hrafnhildur Helgadóttir, Mehraneh Atashi, Eggert Pétursson, Loidys Carnero and Hreinn Friðfinnsson.

The opening session will be supported by a foggy installation by Darri Lorenzen.

Stay tuned in for Happy People´s ever changing weekly intense smoke sessions!

Starring: Anna Hrund Másdóttir (IS), Brynhildur Þorgeirsdóttir (IS), Darri Lorenzen (IS), David Bernstein (US), Eggert Pétursson (IS), Eloise Bonneviot (FR), Geirþrúður Einarsdóttir (IS), Guðmundur Thoroddsen (IS), Gustav Wideberg (SE), Gylfi Sigurðsson (IS), Hrafnhildur Helgadóttir (IS), Hildigunnur Birgisdóttir (IS), Hreinn Friðfinnsson (IS), Juan-pedro Fabra Guemberena (UY/SE), Lars TCF Holdhus (NO), Loidys Carnero (CU), Mehraneh Atashi (IR), Yaima Carrazana (CU), Yazan Khalili (PS), Yosuke Amemiya (JP), Žilvinas Landzbergas (LT).

The exhibition is supported by The Visual Arts Fund.

Graphic by: Arnar Ásgeirsson & Michel Keppel.