Closed between exhibitions more

Annual meeting 2017 – new board more

Rolling Line – Guided Tour on Whit Sunday more

The Living Art Museum releases the book Án titils / Untitled more

Summer Opening Hours in Breiðholt more

Museum Day 2017: Attempting to Define Ólafur Lárusson in the Museum more

Joi de vivre! The Living Art Museum loans works to The Icelandic Folk and Outsider Museum 2017 more

Rolling Line – Guided Tour on First Day of Summer more

Videonight – Duncan Campbell, Rachel MacLean and Beagles & Ramsay more

Sequences celebrates its 10 year Anniversary more

Curator for Sequences VIII announced and the festival celebrates 10 years more

Reasons to Perform: Open Box more

The Living Art Museum receives a large selection of material from the studio of artist Ólafur Lárusson (1951 – 2014) more

Núllið new home to the Icelandic Punk Museum more

“Expansions of Homecraft” at Konsthall C more

Symposium in Riga, the Latvian Centre of Contemporary Art more

Infinite Next – roundtable & artists talk more

desiccation more

Nýló, Kling & Bang and Ólafur Elíasson will move into the Marshall house more

Womens Day Off more

Double Bind, opening in Vilnius more

Spring Task / Artist talk & performance more

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS / Deadline 14th June 2015 more

The Living Art Museum’s fundraising & auction will be held in the Museum House of Iceland between 19 – 23th November more

Alfredo Cramerotti appointed artistic director of Sequences VII 2015 more

Finissage S7 – Suðurgata >> Árbær (not in service) more

Opening of S7 – Suðurgata >> Árbær (not in service) more

Time and Time and Again during Reykjavík Arts Festival more

The Living Art Museum will move its collection to 111 Reykjavík more

New director more

time and time and again more

S7 – Suðurgata >> Árbær (not in service) more