Spring Task / Artist talk & performance

Artist talk and performance 30th May at 3pm at The Living Art Museum, Völvufell 13 – 21.

You are warmly welcome to a guided tour and an artist talk hosted by the artist Kristín Helga Káradóttir. She will talk about her current solo show Spring Task on Saturday the 30th of May at 3pm. Also to brighten up your day there will be pancakes and hot chocolate for guests. Hope to see you all.
Spring Task is a solo exhibition by Kristín Helga Káradóttir. It is the last exhibition in the current exhibition series titled Cyclorama and part of the Reykjavik Art Festival 2015.

Through a dreamy-realistic setting the artist calls upon the beginning of Spring; the tension between the transition of interior and exterior. A longing for better conditions and calmer seasons exhibits itself within the raw manmade construction, far from the elements of nature. The spring task itself evolves around clearing out the remnants of winter, the need for a fresh spirit and clean environment, as the need for building and creating unity is restless.

The exhibition’s grounds and elements are produced in Káradóttir´s personal vision of the Living Art Museum´s surroundings and cultural aspects in Breiðholt, Reykjavik, mixing with Káradóttir´s critical and analytical thinking from an artist’s´point of view. These two poles collide and create an overlap of art forms.

She who works for herself
perforce must talk to herself
in the silence
in the garden
in the notebook
in the exhibition space.
But when her work speaks for her
something new is born
a new beginning
a conversation with the world.

Ég er listakona. My native language is Icelandic.
I’m a mother and I’m a single mother.
I am looking for foreign women who want to participate in a performance
with the hope of collaboration.

Kristin Helga Káradóttir studied Fine Art at the Iceland Academy of the Arts, graduating with a BA degree in 2004 and Master Degree in 2014. During her studies she went on an exchange course at the Art Academy in Copenhagen and Fjon. Kristin Helga has exhibited her work worldwide and taken part in artist residencies abroad. Her work has traveled around the world and been part of exhibitions and video festivals.

The theatrical performance and the body is a powerful medium in Kristín’s works. In her practice she uses video, performance, photographs and installations and she is particularly interested in blurring the borders between these mediums. Kristín uses her own body within the performance but in recent pieces she has teamed up with other performers as could be seen in Kristín´s MA degree piece which was a durational performance called Sigh performed within the museum walls of Gerðar Museum in Kópavogur. Her pieces play on the border of human existence, the translated state of the human being within a particular environment and giving rise to the people, the audience questioning and triggering reaction.