10. Nov. 2018 – Spaces by Artists, a Conversation on Artist Run Initiatives

Spaces by Artists brings together artist initiated, led and run spaces and projects at The Living Art Museum to emphasize the importance of artist collectivity in the context of the international art, and more specifically in the art scene in Iceland. As a meeting point, the aim of the day is to consider and activate questions related to contemporary artist-run initiatives by exploring, challenging and reconsidering the intersections, pressures and possibilities of these spaces now and for the future. It will be a space to network, to strengthen the foundation of artist collectivity, to imagine this future, and to come together to allow artist-run initiatives to raise their voices. We are interested in creating an open space and initiating a participatory platform where speakers, as well as guests, have the opportunity to share stories, highlight concerns and ask the questions that need to be asked.

Mark Cullen works with various media as an artist, curator and a cultural instigator. In 1996 he was co-founder of Pallas Studios and is currently the co-director and co-curator of PP/S. In 2007 he was co-editor of the ICAD gold award winning Pallas Heights 2003-2006, published to mark a programme of exhibitions and projects in a Dublin City Council semi-derelict housing block. In 2005 Cullen co-curated Offside at Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, MAIM XI, part of the exhibition .all hawaii eNtrées / luNar reGGae at the Irish Museum of Modern Art in 2006, and has exhibited internationally and throughout Ireland as a solo artist and as part of the artist group Difference Engine. Most recently he co-edited the publication Artist-Run Europe: Practice / Projects / Spaces alongside Gavin Murphy.

Welcome to the book launch and performance at OPEN, November 10th
Maybe it’s the weather brings together the works of various artists; Ana Victoria Bruno (Argentina/Italy, based in Iceland), Sophie Durand (Australia, based in Iceland), Bronte Jonës (Australia, based in Scotland), Shannon Calcott (Australia), Liam Colgan (Australia), Ýmir Grönvold (Iceland) Juliane Foronda (Canada), Mark Ferkul (Canada), Natasha Lall (UK), Patricia Carolina (Mexico, based Iceland), Holly White (UK) and Lieselotte Vloeberghs (Belgium).

Dear guests, please note that the symposium will be held mainly in icelandic apart from the keynote presentation by Mark Cullen and panel discussion in english. Questions are welcome in both languages.