Reasons to Perform: Open Box

Open Box
Each Friday between 10. Sept. – 18. Dec.

Calling all artists, Nýló members, collectors and friends!

The Living Art Museum in collaboration with Maja Bekan and Gunndís Ýr Finnbogadóttir in Reasons to Perform: Always, Always, Always: Look for the Answer would like to invite artists, Nýló members, collectors and friends to assist us in opening up the Nýló Performance Archive boxes and contributing to collecting more material.

Over the duration of the exhibition the museum welcomes new contributions of archival material in the form of photographs, documentation and material and information from performances already archived at the museum, as well as new contributions. This will be possible each Friday throughout the exhibition period between 13:00 – 16:00, or by appointment with Collection Manager Becky Forsythe at

Proposals for new performances for the archive will be taken into consideration by the board of the museum.

The Performance Archive was initiated in early 2008, when Nýló began archiving performance documentation and material relating to artist performances. Previously, the museum collection had included documentation of 20 performance works dating from 1978-1981.

Gradually, various forms of documentation relating to performances have been added to the archive. The collection of this material is done so through a dialogue with the artist in question, with the aim of examining his/her work and career and considerations that support the preservation and specificity of individual performances.

The aim of the archive is to preserve documentation of performance and performance-related works, and to establish

Nýló is the central museum for performance in Iceland, as it has throughout its history been one of the main local venues for such work.

Reasons to Perform will occupy the Living Collection space until 10. December, where artists Gunndís Ýr Finnbogadóttir and Maja Bekan create a mix-media installation comprised of: site-specific space intervention, performance and text work with the aim of exploring and questioning the archive of the living art (museum) and documentation as a form of possibility.This new work developed by Finnbogadóttir and Bekan is based upon ongoing research and investigations into notions of time, appropriation, authorship and productivity.

Minutes of measurements, disturbance, rhythm and movement will be introduced into Nýló’s archive collection and performed by the museum staff and visitors during the opening hours of the exhibition.