THANK YOU for a great party ! more

Rúmelsi #3: STREYMI, Ekkisens í Nýló more

Closed between exhibitions more

Sound recording of Spaces by Artists: a conversation on artist initiatives more

Laumulistasamsteypan’s karaoke bar more

Rúmelsi #2:Coffee Break by Laumulistasamsteypan more

(Íslenska) Til Fulltrúa Nýlistasafnsins: Opið fyrir umsóknir um sýningu í ágúst/september 2019 more

10. Nov. 2018 – Spaces by Artists, a Conversation on Artist Run Initiatives more

Liminalities 04.11.2018 more

Women’s Strike 2018: The Living Art Museum Closes at 02:55 pm today more

Artist Talk 18.10.2018 – Another Space, Eygló Harðardóttir and Guðbjörg R. Jóhannesdóttir more

Book launch, 11. oct: We Are Here more

Nýló currently working on book of Artist-Run Spaces in Reykjavík 1965 – 2018 more

Pressure of the Deep: Action II more


Pressure of the Deep: Action more

Nýló Internship fall 2018 more

Pressure of the Deep: Cocktail Lounge more

Artist Book Talk with Ragna Róbertsdóttir & Studio Studio more

Between mountain and tide / Guided tour and artist talk more

Walk & Talk / Distant Matter more

Distant Matter on Museum Night more

Distant Matter: Artists´ talk with curator more

Christmas Pudding on Wintersolstice more

Open call for proposals more


Moving Off the Land / Joan Jonas & María Huld Markan in Tjarnarbíó Cinema more

Music and Reading on the Magic Mountain more

The Living Art Museum participates in Flotilla, Canada more

Cartography & Translations more

The Artist as a Medium more

Joan Jonas, Sequences VIII Honorary Artist’s debut in The Living Art Museum more

The Magic Mountain Radio more

HAPPY PEOPLE – Last Smoking Lounge more

Applications for Internships with The Living Art Museum in 2018 more