Museum Day 2017: Attempting to Define Ólafur Lárusson in the Museum

Is it photography?
Is it performance?

Attempting to Define Ólafur Lárusson in the Museum

Guided tour in english at 12:00 & the museum will be open as usual on Thursdays until 21:00

The Living Art museum cordially invites you to join co-curator and collection manager Becky Forsythe in a guided walk and discussion through the museum’s current exhibition Rolling Line, where guests will consider the complex nature in trying to define Ólafur Lárusson´s works to one medium.

The discussion will also explore Ólafur´s contribution to photography and performance through his studio archive, while also questioning the possibilities in framing an artist’s work and practice as an important component in a living and engaged dialogue with history.

The guided walk and discussion will take place in english, is open to all and free of charge. Please join us at The Living Art Museum in The Marshall House, Grandagarður 20, 101 Reykjavík at 12:00.

“Ólafur Lárusson initially used photography as a recording device, a way of documenting his performance art – although on occasion photography was a more integral element of these performances or environments. His later involvement with photography has, however, effectively subverted this use of the medium.

Now, the photograph functions not as witness, but as the very space within – or upon – which the performance takes place”.
(Jan-Erik Lundström, European Photography, 1988)