Moving Off the Land / Joan Jonas & María Huld Markan in Tjarnarbíó Cinema

Sequences proudly introduces a special experimental lecture and performance by honorary artist Joan Jonas in collaboration with Icelandic composer María Huld Markan.

The event will be held at Tjarnarbíó on October 8th at 8 p.m. Ticket sales are to be found at

Joan Jonas is the honorary artist of Sequences VIII, now in its eighth edition, taking place all over Reykjavík.

In addition to her performance at Tjarnarbíó Jonas will open Does the Mirror Make the Picture, an extensive exhibition of her work from various time periods.

Jonas’ exhibition at The Living Art Museum opens on October 6th, the first day of the festival and is open until December 10th 2017.

Jonas (b.1936 New York) is a pioneering video artist. Since the 1960’s she has created groundbreaking multidisciplinary works that investigate time-based structures and the politics of spectatorship. Her projects often simultaneously incorporate elements of theater, dance, sound, text, drawing, sculpture, and video projection. In newer videoworks, performances and installations Jonas has sought out collaborations with musicians and dancers, in addition to drawing from literary sources and mythic tales in realizing her multi-layered explorations.

María Huld Markan Sigfúsdóttir (b. 1980) is a composer and a violinist. She graduated as a violinist from the Reykjavik College of Music in 2000 and with a Bachelor’s degree in composition at the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2007. As well as composing her own music, María has for the past decade performed music around the world with her band, amiina, as well as recorded and collaborated with a range of other bands and artists

Sequences is a ten day biennale held in Reykjavík on 6.-15. October 2017. The aim of Sequences aims to produce and present progressive visual art with a special focus on time-based mediums such as performance, sonic works, video, and public interventions.

Curator of Sequences VIII is Margot Norton, curator at the New Museum in New York and will the festival provide an outstanding array of offerings by various artists and musicians.

To learn more about the festival and its program, visit

Courtesy the artist and Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New York/Rome