Liminalities 04.11.2018

The Living Art Museum and Cycle Music and Art festival invite you to Liminalities, a music and visual art event that takes place on Sunday November 4th at 20:00 at The Marshall House. Admission is free and everyone is welcome.

Liminalities is a interdisciplinary project based on collaboration between contemporary visual artists, musicians and composers. When trying to grasp what goes on in one field of art production, it is also necessary to understand the forces effective in other fields.

In the process of creating music and visual art, similar questions are being asked and the open elements of play and experiment are nearly identical. Musicians and artists involve the perceiving audience and they engage with the surrounding space. In Liminalities visual art is not merely a backdrop for the music and the compositions do not serve as lounge music for an art installation. Here visual art feeds music and music carries visual art and thereby opening up new ways of engaging with the audience.

The collaboration between the visual artists, musicians and composers of Liminalities started tentatively in Berlin in 2015 and has been developing since to its current state. Throughout the period workshops, presentations and concerts have been held where the musicians, compositions and artists have met and developed common concepts that combine the processability and immediacy of music with the presence and materiality of visual art. The concert at The Living Art Museum will be the final culmination of this project.