Pressure of the Deep: Cocktail Lounge

Auður Lóa Guðnadóttir &
Starkaður Sigurðarson

Sat – 14.07.2018
4 – 6 pm

Auður Lóa and Starkaður invite guests to an evening of cocktails at the Living Art Museum’s 40th anniversary exhibition, Pressure of the Deep. They will serve drinks that are in conversation with their work, Two halves that don’t add up.

Auður Lóa and Starkaður have worked together for six years as artists and curators. They make works, together, separately, with other artists and in various art places, work that tries to dig a hole into something intangible.

Works of different mediums, different contexts, but which always incorporate how the work speaks, how art speaks, tells us something. They each bring their own voice into the dialogue, which then becomes a trinity with the thought, medium, the space which they stand before. They are awake to the history of the idea, history of the place, the object, and try to see the present as the often messy collision of contemporaneity and ambiguous thought that sometimes appears before us out of the fog.

Come one, come all!