Katie Paterson
The Earth Has Many Keys

Opening August 8 2020

The exhibition is a part of Reykjavik Art Festival 2020

Katie Paterson‘s works are certainly imposing, both in terms of scope and inspiration. Her ideas frequently involve transposing the immeasurable into familiar forms, such as clocks, letters, candles and light bulbs. Characterized by a poetic sense of the everyday, her work captures the expanses of outer space and of the human mind, playfully provoking and enthralling us.

Many of the artist‘s works deal directly or indirectly with man‘s effect on nature and the skies, with climate change and the short lifespan of man and earth. They serve as an urgent reminder, challenging us to rethink our relationship with nature. Katie Paterson‘s collaboration with scientists is unique and has granted her an opportunity to make the intangible physical.

Katie Paterson is a rising star in the international art world who lives and works in Fife and Edinburgh, Scotland. This is her first exhibition in Iceland although she has extensive links to the country.

Katie Paterson, Light bulb to Simulate Moonlight, 2008
Photo © John McKenzie 2011