Karl Ómarsson

Resonances of a dynamic absence


Opening August 16 at 5 – 7 pm

The objects that appear before us don’t seem to be anything at all: only blotches or spots. Contextless texts, fragments or remnants of vague memories. Things that fingertips have come into contact with before, handled and examined, but now seem to have lost anchor.

Resonances of a dynamic absence, Karl Ómarsson’s solo exhibition at the Living Art Museum, acts as both a light that guides and leads astray.

Works exhibited carry familiar features: shapes, materials, lines, words and colors, objects that we have seen previously, touched, listened to and finally brought into words. At the same time, their surfaces dissolve predetermined ideas, remove context and release the information that has accumulated in our mind over time. The works intoxicate rather than inform and thus open up toward a different reading — a way into the blue. A place where similarities and parallels have been removed or distorted. A place for imagination, disconnection and recalling, where the obvious is easily glossed over.