Exhibition of works from the collection

Dorothy Iannone
Eirún Sigurðardóttir
Freyja Eilíf Logadóttir
Guðrún Hrönn Ragnarsdóttir
Jón Gunnar Árnason
Valdís Óskarsdóttir

Curated by Þorgerður Ólafsdóttir
Prose by Kristín Svava Tómasdóttir

The exhibition 101 Questions to Women is the third of the series Women in Nýló, which aims to shed light on the role of women in the collection and history of the Living Art Museum. The title refers to what has been achieved in the 101 years since Icelandic women were allowed to vote in 1915 and/or what has been achieved since.

Works in the exhibition revolve around different women´s rights issues and various manifestations of inner and external struggle. The works provide insight into reactions against power, (in)equality, oppression and assumed social conventions and malignancies, then and now.

What´s more important, questions or declarations?
What´s more important, to talk or to listen?
Up to what point is the subjection of women bound up with other kinds of subjection?
Up to what point is the struggle against the subjection of women bound up with the struggle against other kinds of subjection?
Up to what point is the struggle against the subjection of women bound up with other kinds of subjection?
Is Fjallkonan an infiltrator?
In “the subjection of women” who is the victim?
Does the state hospital´s laundry own us or do we own the state hospital´s laundry?
Up to what point is nudity desirable in public space?
What is the system hiding?
When is there too much pink?
Is this too easy?
How important is the body?
What about the smell?
Does it need more glitter?
Is The Vagina Monologues a good book?
Is it appropriate to congratulate each other on the centenary of the right to vote?
What would you rather get when you retire, a pocket watch or a golden paper knife?
Is pornography a moral problem or an aesthetic one?
How important is the material?
Don´t you think about anything else than sex?
Which came first, the egg or the woman?
Producer, consumer or just the middleman?
Are we a collage?
Is it OK to kill?
Why show vaginas?
Do any rules apply in the struggle?
If yes, who decides the rules?

How important are automatic washing machines?
Do we need support?
Is it better if I say this in another language?
Can´t I offer you a little something more?
Who is the creator?
Where is the origin of our world?
Have you thought about sex at family gatherings?
If yes, do you think about sex despite or because of your family´s presence?
What is the best way to cook the placenta?
How important is the method?
Is rough bad?
Is it supposed to be fun?
Is it supposed to be beautiful?
Is it supposed to be hard?
Is it supposed to be on purpose?
Could we get infected?
Was there a liberation?
If yes, who gained most from the liberation?
Is that important?
Isn´t it fine to be a freak?
What´s more dangerous, to touch or to be touched?
What´s more dangerous, to see or to be seen?
Will it be my job in hell to darn?
How much damage can needles do?
Is the dildo a substitute?
Is it better to be a fat servant or a beaten slave?
What if the slave likes to be beaten?
Can dualism be positive?
Has the female body been deconsecrated?
Are we prepared to sacrifice brutality?
Where does nature end and intention begin?
Is it OK to be shallow?