Pressure of the Deep: Action II

Gjörningur II // Action II
Saga Sigurðardóttir
Fim / Thu – 08.08.2018
20:00 – 21:00

Touching Blank

Time for action – again.

As a part of The Living Art Museum´s 40th anniversary exhibition, Pressure of the Deep, the installation Touching Blank by Saga S.dóttir will be engaged with and re-invented – for the second time this summer.

The ingredients of the installation will be communicated with through disruption, sensuality and savage play: Action as an attempt to shape/embody change, fresh intimacy and new meaning.

Saga S.dóttir is a performing artist, born and based in Reykjavík. Saga studied contemporary dance and experimental choreography at the ArtEZ Art Academy (NL) and has since graduation in 2006 created, directed and performed in an extensive variety of performance works, often in collaboration with artists across the arts, both locally and internationally. Saga is currently a core member of the Marble Crowd collective and the PPBB, performance band.

Saga finalized her MFA studies in Performing Arts at IAA in 2017 and holds a Bachelor of Theology from the Iceland University (as well as a failed attempt at a degree in Economics). Saga has been a guest and faculty teacher at the Iceland Academy of the Arts and is a regular guest at the LungA Art School in Seyðisfjörður where she explores physical creativity and collective processes.

Come one, come all!