The Living Art Museum accepts interns all year round.

The museum prefers that interns make at least three months commitment of twenty five hours per week. A three month term allows every intern to see the process of putting together an exhibition from start to finish.

Within these parameters, scheduling is very flexible. All intern positions are unpaid.

Please submit your résumé at least two months in advance of the time you would like to apply for.

The Living Art Museum is a non-profit and artist-run organization, which means that everyone is involved in everything.

Interns must be hard-working, independent, meticulous, creative and interested in culture. Interns are expected to willingly assist in the everyday administrative tasks that are crucial to the running of the museum, such as making coffee, sending mails, painting walls and running errands.

All staff members are equally involved with these tasks, which we consider no less important to the museum than putting together exhibitions or researching works from the collection. We particularly encourage applicants curious about all aspects of running an artist-run institution.

In addition to putting up exhibitions, the museum is always involved with a number of special projects, such as programming in and around exhibitions, symposiums and other events. Interns may be specifically assigned to these projects.

Although we receive résumés from a number of highly-qualified applicants, we cannot efficiently take on more than two interns at any given time. Please keep in mind that we will give preference to those with skill sets that we particularly need at the time of application.

Résumés can be sent with the subject line “Internship” to nylo(at)